BONAP's North American Plant Atlas (NAPA)
(US County-Level Species Maps: List by Genus)

The Biota of North America Program (BONAP) maintains relatively complete phytogeographic and related botanical databases for all free-living vascular plants in North America (north of Mexico). For over four decades, BONAP has worked collaboratively with many federal and state government agencies, private groups and individual specialists across the continent to produce and edit our databases. Therefore, we feel that our county-level database has matured sufficiently to allow us to post, for the first time, all of our integrated county-level maps of the North American ferns and allies, conifers and flowering plants in one place. Although these maps must still be considered DRAFT releases, inasmuch as in 2009 alone, nearly 952,000 new county-level records were added, we wanted to provide members of the North American plant community an opportunity to view and critique all 21,500 species-level maps. BONAP plans to provide updates of these maps at regular intervals subsequent to this January 2010 initial release.

North American plant genera, e.g., Bolbitis, that occur within our study area, but restricted to insular islands of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean, such as Navassa, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, are not mapped.

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Abelia Abelmoschus Abies Abildgaardia Abronia Abrus Abutilon
Acacia Acaciella Acaena Acalypha Acamptopappus Acanthocereus Acanthomintha
Acanthoscyphus Acanthospermum Acanthus Acer Achillea Achlys Achnatherum
X Achnella Achyrachaena Achyranthes Achyronychia Acianthella Acicarpha Acisanthera
Acleisanthes Acmella Acmispon Acnistus Acoelorrhaphe Acokanthera Aconitum
Aconogonon Acorus Acourtia Acrachne Acrocomia Acrostichum Actaea
Actinidia Actinostachys Adansonia Adelia Adenanthera Adenocaulon Adenophorus
Adenophyllum Adenostemma Adenostoma Adiantopsis Adiantum Adlumia Adolphia
Adonis Adoxa Aechmea Aegilops X Aegilotriticum Aegiphila Aegopodium
Aeonium Aerva Aeschynomene Aesculus Aethusa Afrocarpus Agalinis
Agapanthus Agarista Agastache Agathis Agave Agdestis Ageratina
Ageratum Aglaonema Agnorhiza Agoseris Agrimonia X Agropogon Agropyron
Agrostemma Agrostis Ailanthus Aiphanes Aira Aizopsis Ajuga
Akebia Albizia Alcea Alchemilla Alchornea Alchorneopsis Aldrovanda
Alectra Alectryon Aletes Aletris Aleurites Alhagi Aliciella
Alisma Alkekengi Allamanda Allenrolfea Alliaria Allionia Allium
Allolepis Allophyllum Allophylus Allosidastrum Alloteropsis Allotoonia Allotropa
Allowissadula Almutaster Alnus Alocasia Aloe Alopecurus Alophia
Aloysia Alphitonia Alpinia Alsophila Alstonia Alstroemeria Alternanthera
Althaea Alvaradoa Alysicarpus Alyssum Alyxia Amaranthus Amaryllis
Amauriopsis Amberboa Amblyolepis Amblyopappus Ambrosia Amelanchier X Amelasorbus
Amelichloa Amianthium Ammannia Ammi Ammophila Ammoselinum Amoreuxia
Amorpha Ampelaster Ampelodesmos Ampelopsis Amphiachyris Amphibromus Amphicarpaea
Amphicarpum Amphilophium Amphipappus Amphitecna Amsinckia Amsonia Amyris
Anacardium Anacyclus Anadenanthera Ananas Anaphalis Anarrhinum Anathallis
Anchusa Ancistrocactus Ancistrocarphus Andira Andrographis Andromeda Andropogon
Androsace Androstephium Anechites Anelsonia Anemia Anemone Anemopsis
Anethum Anetium Angadenia Angelica Angelonia Angiopteris Angophora
Aniba Anisacanthus Aniseia Anisocarpus Anisocoma Anisodontea Annona
Anoda Anoectochilus Anopteris Anredera Antennaria Anthemis Anthenantia
Anthephora Anthoxanthum Anthriscus Anthurium Anthyllis Antiaris Anticlea
Antidaphne Antidesma Antigonon Antiphytum Antirhea Antirrhinum Antrophyum
Anulocaulis Apacheria Apera Aphanes Aphanisma Aphanostephus Aphelandra
Aphragmus Apiastrum Apios Apium Aplectrum Apluda Apocynum
Apodanthera Aponogeton Aptenia Apteria Aquilegia Arabidopsis Arabis
Arachis Arachniodes Aralia Araucaria Araujia Arbutus Arceuthobium
Archontophoenix Arctagrostis Arctanthemum Arctium X Arctodupontia Arctomecon Arctophila
Arctostaphylos Arctotheca Arctotis Arctous Arcytophyllum Ardisia Arenaria
Arenga Arethusa Argemone Argusia Argyranthemum X Argyrautia Argyreia
Argyrochosma Argyrocytisus Argyroxiphium Argythamnia Ariocarpus Arisaema Aristea
Aristida Aristocapsa Aristolochia Aristotelia Arivela Armeria Armoracia
Arnica Arnoglossum Arnoseris Aronia Arrabidaea Arracacia Arrhenatherum
Artabotrys Artemisia Arthraxon Arthrocnemum Arthrostemma Arthrostylidium Artocarpus
Arum Aruncus Arundina Arundinaria Arundinella Arundo Asanthus
Asarum Asclepias Asemeia Asimina Askellia Asparagus Asperugo
Asphodelus Aspicarpa Aspidistra Aspidotis Asplenium Astelia Aster
Astilbe Astraea Astragalus Astranthium Astrantia Astrebla Astrolepis
Astrophytum Asyneuma Asystasia Atamisquea Athyrium Athysanus Atocion
Atrema Atrichoseris Atriplex Atropa Aubrieta Aucuba Auerodendron
Aureolaria Aurinia Austrodanthonia Avena Avenula Averrhoa Avicennia
Axonopus Axyris Ayapana Ayenia Azadirachta Azolla  




Baccharis Bacopa Bahia Bahiopsis Baileya Baldellia Balduina
Ballota Balsamorhiza Baltimora Bambusa Banara Banksia Baptisia
Barbarea Barbieria Barkleyanthus Barleria Barleriola Barringtonia Bartlettia
Bartonia Bartsia Basella Basiphyllaea Bassia Bastardia Bastardiopsis
Batesimalva Batis Bauhinia Beaumontia Bebbia Beckmannia Beckwithia
Begonia Beilschmiedia Bejaria Belamcanda Bellardia Bellis Beloglottis
Benincasa Benitoa Bensoniella Berberis Berchemia Bergerocactus Bergia
Berkheya Berlandiera Bernardia Berteroa Berula Berylsimpsonia Besseya
Beta Betula Bidens Bifora Bigelowia Bignonia Billardiera
Billbergia Billieturnera Bischofia Bismarckia Bistorta Bituminaria Bixa
Blechnum Blennosperma Blepharidachne Blepharipappus Blepharizonia Blepharoneuron Blephilia
Bletia Bletilla Blighia Blitum Bloomeria Blumea Blutaparon
Blysmopsis Blyxa Bobea Bocconia Boechera Boehmeria Boerhavia
Bolandra Bolbitis Boltonia Bommeria Bonamia Bonellia Bontia
Borago Borodinia Borrichia Boschniakia Bothriochloa Bothriospermum Botrychium
Botrypus Bouchea Bouchetia Bougainvillea Bourreria Bouteloua Bouvardia
Bowlesia Boykinia Brachionidium Brachychiton Brachyelytrum Brachypodium Brachystigma
Bradburia Brandegea Brasenia Brasiliopuntia Brassavola Brassia Brassica
Braya Brazoria Brexia Breynia Brickellia Brickelliastrum Brighamia
Brintonia Briza Brodiaea Bromelia Bromidium Bromus Brongniartia
Brosimum Broughtonia Broussaisia Broussonetia Browallia Brugmansia Bruguiera
Brunellia Brunfelsia Brunnera Brunnichia Brya Bryonia Buchenavia
Buchnera Bucida Buckleya Buddleja Buglossoides Bulbine Bulbophyllum
Bulbostylis Bunchosia Bunias Bunium Bupleurum Burmannia Bursera
Butia Butomus Buxus Byrsonima      




Cabomba Cacaliopsis Caesalpinia Cajanus Cakile Caladium Calamagrostis
X Calammophila Calamovilfa Calandrinia Calathea Calendula Calepina Calibrachoa
California Calla Callaeum Calliandra Callicarpa Calliphysalis Callirhoe
Callisia Callistephus Callistopteris Callitriche Callitris Callitropsis Calluna
Calocedrus Calochortus Caloncoba Calophyllum Calopogon Calopogonium Calotis
Calotropis Caltha Calycadenia Calycanthus Calycera Calycocarpum Calycophyllum
Calycoseris Calydorea Calypso Calyptocarpus Calyptranthes Calyptridium Calyptronoma
Calystegia Camassia Camelina Camellia Camissonia Camissoniopsis Campanula
Campanulastrum Camphorosma Campsis Campylocentrum Campyloneurum Canadanthus Cananga
Canavalia Canbya Canella Canna Cannabis Canotia Cantinoa
Caperonia Capnoides Capparis Capraria Capsella Capsicum Caragana
Cardamine Cardiocrinum Cardionema Cardiospermum Carduus Carex Carica
Carissa Carlina Carlowrightia Carlquistia Carludovica Carminatia Carmona
Carnegiea Carpenteria Carphephorus Carphochaete Carpinus Carpobrotus Carrichtera
Carsonia Carthamus Cartrema Carum Carya Caryopteris Caryota
Casasia Cascadia Casearia Cassia Cassiope Cassipourea Cassytha
Castanea Castela Castilla Castilleja Casuarina Catabrosa Catalpa
Catapodium Catesbaea Catha Catharanthus Cathestecum Catopsis Caucalis
Caulanthus Caulophyllum Cayaponia Cayratia Ceanothus Cecropia Cedrela
Cedronella Cedrus Ceiba Celastrus Celosia Celtis Cenchrus
Centaurea Centaurium Centella Centipeda Centranthus Centratherum Centromadia
Centrosema Centrostegia Cephalanthera Cephalanthus Cephalaria Cephalotaxus Cerastium
Ceratiola Ceratocephala Ceratonia Ceratophyllum Ceratopteris Ceratostigma Ceratotheca
Cercidiphyllum Cercis Cercocarpus Cereus Cerinthe Cestrum Cevallia
Chaenactis Chaenomeles Chaenorhinum Chaerophyllum Chaetadelpha Chaetopappa Chaiturus
Chamaebatia Chamaebatiaria Chamaechaenactis Chamaecrista Chamaecyparis Chamaecytisus Chamaedaphne
Chamaedorea Chamaelirium Chamaemelum Chamaenerion Chamaerhodos Chamaesaracha Chamelaucium
Chamissoa Chapmannia Chaptalia Charpentiera Chasmanthe Chasmanthium Cheilanthes
Cheilocostus Cheirodendron Cheiroglossa Chelidonium Chelone Chenopodiastrum Chenopodium
Cherleria Chevreulia Chilopsis Chimaphila Chiococca Chionanthus Chione
Chionophila Chloracantha Chloris Chlorocrambe Chlorogalum Chlorophytum Chloropyron
Choisya Chondrilla Chorispora Chorizanthe Christia Chromolaena Chrozophora
Chrysactinia Chrysanthemoides Chrysanthemum Chrysobalanus Chrysogonum Chrysolepis Chrysoma
Chrysophyllum Chrysopogon Chrysopsis Chrysosplenium Chrysothamnus Chrysothemis Chusquea
Chylismia Chylismiella Cibotium Cicendia Cicer Cichorium Cicuta
Cienfuegosia Cinchona Cinna Cinnamomum Circaea Cirsium Cissampelos
Cissus Cistanthe Cistus Citharexylum Citrullus Citrus Cladanthus
Cladium Cladoraphis Cladrastis Claoxylon Clappia Clarkia Claytonia
Cleistesiopsis Clematis Cleome Cleomella Cleoserrata Clermontia Clerodendrum
Clethra Cleyera Clibadium Clidemia Cliftonia Clinopodium Clintonia
Clitoria Clusia Cnemidaria Cneoridium Cnidium Cnidoscolus Coccinia
Coccocypselum Coccoloba Coccothrinax Cocculus Cochleanthes Cochlearia Cochlidium
Cochlospermum Cocos Codiaeum Coeloglossum Coelophragmus Coelorachis Coffea
Coilostylis Coincya Coix Cojoba Cola Colchicum Coleanthus
Coleataenia Coleogyne Collinsia Collinsonia Collomia Colocasia Cologania
Colubrina Columbiadoria Columnea Colutea Comandra Comarostaphylis Comarum
Comastoma Combretum Commelina Commicarpus Comocladia Comparettia Comptonia
Condalia Condea Condylidium Congea Conicosia Conimitella Coniogramme
Conioselinum Conium Conocarpus Conoclinium Conopholis Conostegia Conradina
Conringia Consolea Consolida Constancea Convallaria Convolvulus Cooperia
Copaifera Coprosma Coptidium Coptis Corallorhiza Corchorus Cordia
Cordylanthus Cordyline Corema Coreocarpus Coreopsis Corethrogyne Coriandrum
Corispermum Cornus Cornutia Coronilla Corrigiola Cortaderia Corydalis
Corylus Corymbia Corymborkis Corynephorus Corynocarpus Coryphantha Cosmos
Costus Cota Cotinus Cotoneaster Cottea Cotula Cotyledon
Couroupita Coursetia Crambe Cranichis Craniolaria Crassocephalum Crassula
Crataegus Crepidomanes Crepis Crescentia Cressa Crinum Critonia
Crocanthemum Crocidium Crocosmia Crocus Croomia Croptilon Crossopetalum
Crossosoma Crotalaria Croton Crucianella Cruciata Crucihimalaya Crupina
Crusea Crypsis Cryptantha Cryptocarya Cryptocoryne Cryptogramma Cryptomeria
Cryptostegia Cryptotaenia Ctenitis Ctenium Ctenolepis Cucumis Cucurbita
Cullen Cuminum Cuniculotinus Cunila Cunninghamia Cupania Cupaniopsis
Cuphea Cupressus Curculigo Curcuma Cuscuta Cusickiella Cutandia
Cyanea Cyanthillium Cyathea Cyathula Cybianthus Cycas Cyclachaena
Cycladenia Cyclanthera Cycloloma Cyclopeltis Cyclopogon Cyclosorus Cyclospermum
Cydonia Cylindropuntia Cymbalaria Cymbidium Cymbopogon Cymophora Cymophyllus
Cymopterus Cynanchum Cynara Cynodon Cynoglossum Cynoglottis Cynometra
Cynophalla Cynosciadium Cynosurus Cyperus Cypholophus Cyphomeris Cypripedium
Cypselea Cyrilla Cyrtandra Cyrtochilum Cyrtomium Cyrtopodium Cyrtorhyncha
Cystopteris Cytisus          




Dacrycarpus Dacryodes Dactylis Dactyloctenium Dactylorhiza Dahlia Dalbergia
Dalea Dalechampia Dallwatsonia Damasonium Danaea Danthonia Daphne
Daphnopsis Darlingtonia Darmera Dasiphora Dasistoma Dasylirion Dasynotus
Dasyochloa Dasypyrum Datisca Datura Daucosma Daucus Davallia
Decodon Decumaria Dedeckera Deeringothamnus Deinandra Delairea Delissea
Delonix Delosperma Delphinium Delwiensia Dendrobium Dendrocalamus Dendrolycopodium
Dendromecon Dendropanax Dendropemon Dendrophthora Dendrophylax Dennstaedtia Dentella
Deparia Dermatophyllum Deschampsia Descurainia Desmanthus Desmodium Deutzia
Diamorpha Dianella Dianthus Diapensia Diaperia Diarrhena Dicentra
Dicerandra Dichaea Dichaetophora Dichanthelium Dichanthium Dichelachne Dichelostemma
Dichondra Dichromanthus Dichrostachys Dicksonia Dicliptera Dicoria Dicranocarpus
Dicranopteris Dicranostegia Dictamnus Didiplis Didymoglossum Diectomis Dieffenbachia
Diervilla Dieteria Dietes Digera Digitalis Digitaria Dillenia
Dilomilis Dimeresia Dimerocostus Dimocarpus Dimorphocarpa Dimorphotheca Dinebra
Dioclea Diodia Dionaea Dioscorea Diospyros Diphasiastrum Diphylleia
Diphysa Diplachne Diplacus Diplazium Diplopterygium Diplotaxis Dipogon
Dipsacus Dirca Disakisperma Dischidia Disphyma Dissanthelium Dissochondrus
Dissotis Distichlis Distictis Dithyrea Ditrysinia Ditta Dittrichia
Dodecahema Dodecatheon Dodonaea Doellingeria Doliocarpus Domingoa Doodia
Dopatrium Doronicum Dorstenia Dorycnium Doryopteris Douglasia Dovyalis
Downingia Doyerea Draba Dracaena Dracocephalum Dracontium Dracopis
Dracunculus Draperia Drosanthemum Drosera Dryas Drymaria Drymocallis
Drynaria Dryopetalon Dryopteris X Dryostichum Drypetes Dubautia Dudleya
Dulichium X Dupoa Dupontia Duranta Dyckia Dypsis Dyschoriste
Dysodiopsis Dysphania Dyssodia        




Eastwoodia Eatonella Ebenopsis Ecballium Echeandia Echeveria Echinacea
Echinocactus Echinocereus Echinochloa Echinocystis Echinodorus Echinomastus Echinopepon
Echinops Echites Echium Eclipta Edgeworthia Egeria Egletes
Ehrendorferia Ehretia Ehrharta Eichhornia Elaeagnus Elaeis Elaeocarpus
Elaeodendron Elaphoglossum Elatine Eleocharis Elephantopus Eleusine Eleutheranthera
Eleutherine Eleutherococcus Elionurus Elleanthus Elliottia Ellisia Elmera
Elodea Elsholtzia Eltroplectris X Elyhordeum X Elyleymus Elymus Elytraria
Embelia Emex Emilia Emmenanthe Emorya Empetrum Encelia
Enceliopsis Enchylaena Encyclia Endodeca Enemion Engelmannia Enicostema
Enneapogon Entada Enterolobium Enteropogon Enterosora Entolasia Enydra
Ephedra Epidendrum Epifagus Epigaea Epilobium Epimedium Epipactis
Epiphyllum Epipremnum Episcia Epithelantha Epixiphium Equisetum Eragrostis
Eranthemum Eranthis Eremalche Eremocarya Eremochloa Eremocrinum Eremogone
Eremopoa Eremopyrum Eremothera Eremurus Eriastrum Erica Ericameria
Erigenia Erigeron Eriobotrya Eriocaulon Eriochloa Eriochrysis Eriodictyon
Eriogonum Erioneuron Eriophorum Eriophyllum Eriosema Eriosorus Erithalis
Eritrichium Ernodea Erodium Errazurizia Eruca Erucastrum Eryngium
Erysimum Erythrina Erythronium Erythroxylum Escallonia Eschscholzia Escobaria
Esenbeckia Etlingera Eubotrys Eubrachion Eucalyptus Eucephalus Eucharis
Euchiton Euclasta Euclidium Eucnide Eucommia Eucrypta Eudianthe
Eugenia Eulobus Eulophia Euonymus Eupatorium Euphorbia Euphrasia
Euphrosyne Eurya Eurybia Euryops Eurystyles Eurytaenia Eustachys
Eustoma Euthamia Eutrema Eutrochium Evolvulus Exocarpos Exochorda
Exostema Exothea Extriplex Eysenhardtia      




Facelis Fadyenia Fagonia Fagopyrum Fagus Falcaria Falcataria
Fallopia Fallugia Faramea Fatoua Fatsia Fendlera Fendlerella
Ferocactus Festuca Fevillea Ficaria Ficus Filago Filicium
Filipendula Fimbristylis Fingerhuthia Fioria Firmiana Fitchia Flacourtia
Flaveria Fleischmannia Flemingia Flindersia Floerkea Florestina Flourensia
Flueggea Flyriella Foeniculum Fontanesia Forchhammeria Forestiera Forsteronia
Forsythia Fortunella Fothergilla Fouquieria Fragaria Francoa Frangula
Frankenia Franklinia Frasera Fraxinus Freesia Fremontodendron Freycinetia
Fritillaria Froelichia Fryxellia Fuchsia Fuirena Fumaria Funastrum
Funtumia Furcraea          




Gadellia Gaga Gagea Gahnia Gaillardia Galactia Galanthus
Galax Galeandra Galearis Galega Galenia Galeopsis Galinsoga
Galium Galphimia Gambelia Gamochaeta Garberia Garcinia Gardenia
Garnotia Garrya Gastridium Gaudinia Gaultheria Gaussia Gaylussacia
Gayophytum Gazania Gelsemium Genipa Genista Genistidium Gentiana
Gentianella Gentianopsis Geocarpon Geocaulon Geophila Geraea Geranium
Gerbera Gesneria Geum Gibasis Gilia Giliastrum Gillenia
Gilmania Ginkgo Ginoria Gisekia Githopsis Gladiolus Glandularia
Glandulicactus Glaucium Glebionis Glechoma Gleditsia Glehnia Glinus
Gliricidia Globba Glochidion Gloriosa Glossopetalon Glossostigma Gloxinia
Glyceria Glycine Glycosmis Glycyrrhiza Glyptopleura Gmelina Gnaphalium
Gochnatia Goetzea Gomidesia Gomphrena Gonocalyx Gonocarpus Gonolobus
Gonzalagunia Goodmania Goodyera Gordonia Gossypianthus Gossypium Gouania
Govenia Graffenrieda Grammitis Graphephorum Graptopetalum Graptophyllum Gratiola
Grayia Greeneocharis Grevillea Grewia Grindelia Grusonia Guaiacum
Guapira Guardiola Guarea Guatteria Guazuma Guettarda Guilleminea
Guizotia Gundlachia Gunnera Gutierrezia Guzmania Gyminda Gymnadenia
Gymnanthes Gymnocarpium Gymnocladus Gymnopogon Gymnosiphon Gymnosperma Gymnosteris
Gynandropsis Gynerium Gynura Gypsophila Gyrandra    




Habenaria Habranthus Hackelia Hackelochloa Haematoxylum Haenianthus Hainardia
Halenia Halesia Halimium Halimodendron Halimolobos Halodule Halogeton
Halophila Haloragis Hamamelis Hamatocactus Hamelia Hammarbya Handroanthus
Hapalorchis Haplocarpha Haploesthes Haplophyton Haplopteris Haplostachys Harbouria
Harmonia Harpagonella Harperella Harpullia Harrimanella Harrisia Hartwrightia
Hasteola Hastingsia Havardia Hazardia Hebe Hebecarpa Hebeclinium
Hebestigma Hecastocleis Hechtia Hecistopteris Hedeoma Hedera Hedosyne
Hedychium Hedyosmum Hedyotis Hedypnois Hedysarum Heimia Helanthium
Helenium Helianthella Helianthemum Helianthus Helichrysum Heliconia Helicteres
Helictotrichon Helietta Heliocarpus Heliomeris Heliopsis Heliotropium Helleborus
Helleriella Helminthotheca Helonias Helosciadium Hemarthria Hemerocallis Hemidictyum
Hemieva Hemigraphis Hemionitis Hemiscola Hemitomes Hemizonella Hemizonia
Henriettea Henrya Hepatica Heracleum Herbertia Herissantia Heritiera
Hermannia Hermbstaedtia Hernandia Herniaria Herrickia Hesperaloe Hesperevax
Hesperidanthus Hesperis Hesperocallis Hesperochiron Hesperocnide Hesperocyparis Hesperolinon
Hesperomannia Hesperomecon Hesperostipa Hesperoyucca Heteranthemis Heteranthera Heterocentron
Heterocodon Heteromeles Heteropogon Heteropterys Heterosavia Heterosperma Heterotaxis
Heterotheca Heuchera Hexalectris Hexastylis Hibiscadelphus Hibiscus Hieracium
Hilaria Hillebrandia Hillia Hippeastrum Hippobroma Hippocratea Hippocrepis
Hippomane Hippophae Hippuris Hiptage Hirschfeldia Hirtella Histiopteris
Hoffmannseggia Hohenbergia Hoheria Hoita Holacantha Holcus Hollisteria
Holmgrenanthe Holmskioldia Holocarpha Holodiscus Holosteum Holozonia Homalanthus
Homalium Homalocladium Homalosorus Homolepis Honckenya Hopia Hordeum
Horkelia Horkeliella Hornungia Horsfordia Hosackia Hosta Hottonia
Houstonia Houttuynia Hovenia Howellia Howelliella Hoya Hudsonia
Hulsea Hulteniella Humulus Hunnemannia Hunzikeria Huperzia Hura
Hyacinthoides Hyacinthus Hybanthus Hydrangea Hydrastis Hydrilla Hydrocharis
Hydrocleys Hydrocotyle Hydrolea Hydrophyllum Hyeronima Hygrophila Hylocereus
Hylodesmum Hylotelephium Hymenachne Hymenaea Hymenocallis Hymenopappus Hymenophyllum
Hymenothrix Hymenoxys Hyoscyamus Hyparrhenia Hypecoum Hypelate Hyperbaena
Hypericum Hypochaeris Hypoderris Hypoestes Hypogynium Hypolepis Hypopitys
Hypoxis Hyptis Hyssopus        




Iberis Ibervillea Ibicella Ichnanthus Idahoa Ilex Iliamna
Illecebrum Illicium Impatiens Imperata Indigofera Inga Inula
Iodanthus Ionactis Ionopsis Ipomoea Ipomopsis Iresine Iris
Isachne Isatis Ischaemum Isidrogalvia Ismelia Isocarpha Isochilus
Isocoma Isodendrion Isoetes Isolepis Isotrema Isotria Itea
Iva Ivesia Ixeris Ixia Ixophorus Ixora  




Jaborosa Jacaranda Jacobaea Jacquemontia Jacquinia Jacquiniella Jaegeria
Jaltomata Jamesia Jamesianthus Janusia Jarava Jasione Jasminum
Jatropha Jaumea Jefea Jeffersonia Jensia Jepsonia Johanneshowellia
Johnstonella Joinvillea Jovibarba Juglans Juncus Juniperus Justicia




Kadua Kaempferia Kalanchoe Kalimeris Kalinia Kallstroemia Kalmia
Kalmiopsis Kalopanax Kanaloa Karwinskia Keckiella Kelloggia Kelseya
Kerria Keysseria Khaya Kickxia Kigelia Kleinhovia Knautia
Kniphofia Koanophyllon Kobresia Koeberlinia Koeleria Koellensteinia Koelreuteria
Koenigia Kokia Kolkwitzia Kopsiopsis Korthalsella Kosteletzkya Krameria
Krapovickasia Krascheninnikovia Krigia Krugiodendron Kumlienia Kummerowia Kunzea
Kyhosia Kyllinga          




Lablab Labordia Laburnum Lachnagrostis Lachnanthes Lachnocaulon Lackeya
Lactuca Ladeania Laelia Laennecia Laetia Lagascea Lagenaria
Lagenocarpus Lagerstroemia Lagophylla Lagotis Lagunaria Laguncularia Lagurus
Lallemantia Lamarckia Lamium Lampranthus Lamprocapnos Landoltia Langloisia
Lantana Laplacea Laportea Lappula Lapsana Lapsanastrum Larix
Larrea Lasiacis Lasianthaea Lasianthus Lasiospermum Lastarriaea Lasthenia
Lastreopsis Lathrocasis Lathyrus Launaea Laurentia Laurus Lavandula
Lavatera Lawsonia Layia Leandra Leavenworthia Lechea Leea
Leersia Legenere Legousia Leibnitzia Leitneria Lellingeria Lemna
Lenophyllum Lens Leochilus Leonotis Leontodon Leonurus Lepanthes
Lepanthopsis Lepechinia Lepianthes Lepidaploa Lepidium Lepidospartum Lepisorus
Leptarrhena Leptecophylla Leptocereus Leptochloa Leptochloopsis Leptosiphon Leptospermum
Leptosyne Lepturus Lepuropetalon Lepyrodiclis Lespedeza Lessingia Leucaena
Leucanthemella Leucanthemopsis Leucanthemum Leucas Leuciva Leucocrinum Leucojum
Leucophyllum Leucophysalis Leucopoa Leucospora Leucosyris Leucothoe Levisticum
Lewisia Lewisiopsis Leycesteria X Leydeum Leymus Liatris Libertia
Licania Licaria Licuala Ligularia Ligusticum Ligustrum Lilaeopsis
Lilium Limnanthes Limnobium Limnodea Limnophila Limnosciadium Limonium
Limosella Linanthus Linaria Lindera Lindernia Lindheimera Lindsaea
X Lindsaeosoria Linnaea Linum Lipandra Liparis Lipocarpha Lipochaeta
Lippia Liquidambar Liriodendron Liriope Lisianthus Lithachne Lithodora
Lithophila Lithophragma Lithospermum Lithrea Litsea Littorella Livistona
Llavea Lloydia Lobelia Lobularia Loeflingia Loeselia Loeseliastrum
Logfia Loiseleuria Lolium Lomagramma Lomariopsis Lomatium Lomatogonium
Lonchitis Lonchocarpus Lonicera Lophiola Lophocereus Lophophora Lophosoria
Lophospermum Lophostemon Lorandersonia Loropetalum Lotononis Lotus Lucya
Ludwigia Luehea Luetkea Luffa Luina Luma Lumnitzera
Lunania Lunaria Lupinus Luziola Luzula Lycaste Lychnis
Lycianthes Lycium Lycopodiella Lycopodium Lycopus Lycoris Lycurus
Lygodesmia Lygodium Lyonia Lyonothamnus Lyrocarpa Lysichiton Lysiloma
Lysimachia Lythrum          




Maackia Mabrya Macadamia Macaranga Macbridea Macfadyena Machaeranthera
Machaerina Machaerium Machaonia Macleaya Maclura Macradenia Macranthera
Macromeria Macroptilium Macrothelypteris Macrotyloma Madia Maesopsis Magnolia
Mahonia Maianthemum Majidea Malachra Malacomeles Malacothamnus Malacothrix
Malaxis Malcolmia Malephora Mallotus Malosma Malperia Malpighia
Malus Malva Malvastrum Malvaviscus Malvella Mammea Mammillaria
Mandevilla Manfreda Mangifera Manihot Manilkara Mansoa Mantisalca
Mappia Marah Maranta Marattia Marcgravia Margaranthus Margaritaria
Marina Mariosousa Marlierea Marrubium Marsdenia Marshallia Marsilea
Marsypianthes Martynia Matayba Matelea Matricaria Matteuccia Matthiola
Maurandella Maurandya Mauranthemum Maxillaria Mayaca Maytenus Mazus
Mecardonia Meconella Meconopsis Mecranium Medeola Medicago Medinilla
Meehania Megalastrum Megaskepasma Megathyrsus Melaleuca Melampodium Melampyrum
Melanthera Melastoma Melia Melianthus Melica Melicoccus Melicope
Melilotus Melinis Meliosma Melissa Melocactus Melochia Melothria
Melpomene Menispermum Menodora Mentha Mentzelia Menyanthes Menziesia
Mercurialis Merremia Mertensia Mesadenus Mesechites Mesembryanthemum Mesosphaerum
Metaplexis Metasequoia Metopium Metrosideros Meximalva Mibora Miconia
Micranthemum Micranthes Microchilus Microchloa Microgilia Microgramma Microlaena
Microlepia Micromonolepis Micropholis Micropolypodium Micropsis Micropus Microseris
Microsorum Microstachys Microstegium Microsteris Microtea Microthelys Microthlaspi
Mikania Milium Milla Millettia Mimetanthe Mimosa Mimulus
Mimusops Minuartia Mirabilis Miscanthus Misopates Mitchella Mitella
Mitellastra Mitracarpus Mitreola Modiola Moehringia Moenchia Mohavea
Molinia Mollugo Moluccella Momordica Monarda Monardella Moneses
Monnina Monochoria Monolepis Monolopia Monoptilon Monotropa Monotropsis
Monstera Montanoa Montia Moorochloa Moraea Morella Morelotia
Morinda Moringa Morisonia Morrenia Mortonia Morus Mosla
Mouriri Mucronea Mucuna Muehlenbeckia Muhlenbergia Muilla Munroa
Munroidendron Muntingia Munzothamnus Murdannia Murraya Musa Muscari
Musineon Myagrum Mycelis Myoporum Myosotis Myosoton Myosurus
Myrcia Myrcianthes Myrciaria Myrica Myriophyllum Myriopteris Myristica
Myrosma Myrospermum Myrrhis Myrsine Myrtus    




Nabalus Najas Nama Nandina Nanozostera Napaea Narcissus
Nardus Narthecium Nashia Nassella Nasturtium Navarretia Nectandra
Nectouxia Neea Neillia Nelsonia Nelumbo Nemacaulis Nemacladus
Nemastylis Nemesia Nemopanthus Nemophila Neogaerrhinum Neoholmgrenia Neokochia
Neolamarckia Neolaugeria Neolitsea Neolloydia Neomarica Neonesomia Neonotonia
Neoparrya Neorudolphia Neostapfia Neottia Nepeta Nephrolepis Nephrophyllidium
Nepsera Neptunia Neraudia Nerisyrenia Nerium Nesaea Neslia
Nesoluma Nestegis Nestotus Nestronia Neurodium Neurolaena Nevada
Neviusia Neyraudia Nicandra Nicolletia Nicotiana Nidema Nierembergia
Nigella Niphidium Nipponanthemum Nissolia Nitrophila Noccaea Nolina
Nomaphila Nonea Nopalea Noronhia Nothocalais Nothocestrum Nothochelone
Notholaena Notholithocarpus Nothoscordum Nototrichium Nuphar Nuttallanthus Nyctaginia
Nymphaea Nymphoides Nyssa        




Obolaria Ochna Ochroma Ochrosia Ocimum Oclemena Ocotea
Odontites Odontonema Odontosoria Odontostomum Oeceoclades Oemleria Oenanthe
Oenothera Okenia Oldenlandia Oldenlandiopsis Olea Oleandra Olfersia
Oligomeris Olneya Olsynium Olyra Omalotheca Omphalodes Oncidium
Oncosiphon Onobrychis Onoclea Ononis Onopordum Oonopsis Operculina
Ophioderma Ophioglossum Ophiopogon Oplismenus Oplonia Oplopanax Opuntia
Orbexilum Orcuttia Oreobolus Oreocarya Oreochrysum Oreonana Oreostemma
Oreoxis Origanum Orlaya Ormosia Ornithogalum Ornithopus Ornithostaphylos
Orobanche Orochaenactis Orogenia Orontium Orthilia Orthocarpus Orychophragmus
Oryctes Oryza Oryzopsis Osmadenia Osmanthus Osmorhiza Osmunda
Osmundastrum Osteomeles Osteospermum Ostrya Otacanthus Othocallis Otholobium
Ottelia Ottoschulzia Ouratea Oxalis Oxandra Oxybasis Oxycaryum
Oxydendrum Oxygraphis Oxypetalum Oxypolis Oxyrhynchus Oxyria Oxyspora
Oxystylis Oxytheca Oxytropis Ozomelis      




Pachira Pachyrhizus Pachysandra Pachystachys Packera Paederia Paeonia
Palafoxia Palhinhaea Palicourea Palisota Paliurus Pallenis Palmerella
Panax Pancratium Pandanus Panicum Panphalea Papaver Pappophorum
Pappostipa Paraderris Parapholis Parasenecio Paraserianthes Parathelypteris Parathesis
Parentucellia Parietaria Parkinsonia Parmentiera Parnassia Paronychia Parrya
Parryella Parthenice Parthenium Parthenocissus Pascalia X Pascoleymus Pascopyrum
Paspalidium Paspalum Passiflora Pastinaca Patis Paullinia Paulownia
Pavonia Paxistima Paysonia Pecluma Pectiantia Pectis Pectocarya
Pedicularis Pedilanthus Pediocactus Pediomelum Peganum Pelargonium Pelexia
Pellaea Peltandra Peltophorum Peniocereus Pennellia Pennisetum Penstemon
Pentachaeta Pentaglottis Pentagramma Pentalinon Pentapetes Pentas Penthorum
Pentodon Pentzia Peperomia Pera Peraphyllum Pereskia Perezia
Pericallis Pericome Perideridia Perilla Peripleura Periploca Peristylus
Peritoma Perityle Perrottetia Persea Persicaria Petalonyx Petasites
Peteria Petitia Petiveria Petradoria Petrea Petrophytum Petrorhagia
Petroselinum Petunia Peucedanum Peucephyllum Pfaffia Phacelia Phaius
Phalacroseris Phalaris Phanera Phanerophlebia Phanopyrum Pharus Phaseolus
Phaulothamnus Phedimus Phegopteris Phelipanche Phellodendron Phemeranthus Phenax
Phialanthus Philadelphus Philodendron Phippsia Phlebodium Phleum Phlomis
Phlox Phoebanthus Phoenicaulis Phoenix Pholisma Pholistoma Phoradendron
Phormium Photinia Phragmites Phravenia Phryma Phyla Phyllanthopsis
Phyllanthus Phyllodoce Phyllospadix Phyllostachys Phyllostegia Phymatosorus Physalis
Physaria Physocarpus Physostegia Phyteuma Phytolacca Picea Pickeringia
Picradeniopsis Picramnia Picrasma Picris Picrothamnus Pictetia Pieris
Pilea Piloblephis Pilocarpus Pilosocereus Pilostyles Pilularia Pimenta
Pimpinella Pinanga Pinaropappus Pinckneya Pinellia Pinguicula Pinus
Pinzona Piper Piperia Piptatheropsis Piptatherum Piptocarpha Piptochaetium
Piptocoma Pipturus Piriqueta Piscidia Pisonia Pistacia Pistia
Pisum Pitcairnia Pithecellobium Pithecoctenium Pittosporum Pityopsis Pityopus
Pityrogramma Plagiobothrys Planera Planodes Plantago Platanthera Platanus
Plateilema Platycerium Platycladus Platycodon Platydesma Platymiscium Platyschkuhria
Platystemon Platythelys Plecostachys Plectocephalus Plectranthus Plectritis Pleea
Pleiacanthus Pleioblastus Pleiostachya Pleodendron Pleomele Pleopeltis Pleuraphis
Pleuricospora Pleurocoronis Pleuropogon Pleurothallis Pluchea Plumbago Plumeria
Poa Podagrostis Podistera Podocarpus Podophyllum Podostemum Podranea
Pogogyne Pogonarthria Pogonia Poitea Polanisia Polemonium Poliomintha
Polyalthia Polycarpaea Polycarpon Polycnemum Polyctenium Polygala Polygaloides
Polygonatum Polygonum Polymnia Polypodium Polypogon Polypremum Polyscias
Polystachya Polystichum Polytaenia Polytrias Pomaria Pontederia Ponthieva
Populus Poranopsis Porophyllum Porterella Portulaca Portulacaria Posidonia
Potamogeton Potentilla Poteridium Poterium Pouteria Pouzolzia Praxelis
Premna Prenanthella Prescottia Prestoea Primula Prionopsis Pristimera
Pritchardia Priva Proatriplex Proboscidea Prockia Procris Prosartes
Proserpinaca Prosopis Prosthechea Prunella Prunus Psacalium Psathyrostachys
Psathyrotes Psathyrotopsis Pseudabutilon Pseudanamomis Pseudelephantopus X Pseudelymus Pseuderanthemum
Pseudobahia Pseudoclappia Pseudocydonia Pseudofumaria Pseudognaphalium Pseudogynoxys Pseudolmedia
Pseudolycopodiella Pseudophegopteris Pseudophoenix Pseudorchis Pseudoroegneria Pseudorontium Pseudosasa
Pseudostellaria Pseudotrillium Pseudotsuga Psidium Psiguria Psilactis Psilocarphus
Psilochilus Psilostrophe Psilotum Psorothamnus Psychilis Psychotria Psydrax
Ptelea Pteralyxia Pteridium Pteris Pterocarpus Pterocarya Pterocaulon
Pteroglossaspis Pterolepis Pterospora Pterostegia Ptilagrostis Ptilimnium Ptychosperma
Puccinellia X Pucciphippsia Pueraria Pulicaria Pulmonaria Pulsatilla Punica
Purshia Pycnanthemum Pyracantha Pyrola Pyrostegia Pyrrhopappus Pyrrocoma
Pyrrosia Pyrularia Pyrus Pyxidanthera      




Quadrella Quararibea Quassia Quercus Quincula Quisqualis  




Radermachera Rafinesquia Raillardella Rainiera Rajania Randia Ranunculus
Raphanus Rapistrum Ratibida Rauvolfia Ravenala Ravenia Rayjacksonia
Redfieldia Reichardia Reimarochloa Remirea Remya Renealmia Reseda
Reynoldsia Reynosia Reynoutria Rhabdadenia Rhachicallis Rhagadiolus Rhamnus
Rhaphiolepis Rhapidophyllum Rhaponticum Rheum Rhexia Rhinanthus Rhinotropis
Rhipsalis Rhizophora Rhodanthe Rhodiola Rhododendron Rhododon Rhodomyrtus
Rhodotypos Rhus Rhynchosia Rhynchosida Rhynchospora Rhytidophyllum Ribes
Richardia Ricinus Rigiopappus Rivina Robinia Rochefortia Roemeria
Rolandra Roldana Rollinia Romanzoffia Romneya Romulea Rondeletia
Rorippa Rosa Rosenbergiodendron Roseodendron Rosmarinus Rostraria Rotala
Rotheca Rottboellia Rourea Rousselia Roystonea Rubia Rubus
Rudbeckia Ruellia Rugelia Rumex Rumohra Rupertia Ruppia
Russelia Ruta Rytidosperma        




Sabal Sabatia Sabicea Saccharum Sacciolepis Saccoloma Sachsia
Sacoila Sadleria Sageretia Sagina Sagittaria Sagraea Sairocarpus
Salazaria Salicornia Salix Salmea Salpichroa Salpiglossis Salsola
Saltugilia Salvia Salvinia Samanea Sambucus Samolus Samyda
Sanchezia Sandbergia Sandoricum Sanguinaria Sanguisorba Sanicula Sansevieria
Santalum Santolina Sanvitalia Sapindus Sapium Saponaria Sarcobatus
Sarcocornia Sarcodes Saritaea Sarracenia Sartwellia Sasa Sassafras
Satureja Sauropus Saururus Saussurea Sauvagesia Savia Saxifraga
Saxifragopsis Scabiosa Scabrethia Scaevola Scandix Scaphyglottis Sceptridium
Schaefferia X Schedololium Schedonnardus Schedonorus Schefflera Schenkia Scheuchzeria
Schiedea Schiedeella Schinus Schisandra Schismus Schistophragma Schizachne
Schizachyrium Schizaea Schizanthus Schizolobium Schizonepeta Schizophragma Schizostachyum
Schkuhria Schlegelia Schlumbergera Schoenocaulon Schoenolirion Schoenoplectiella Schoenoplectus
Schoenus Schoepfia Schradera Schultesia Schwalbea Scilla Scirpoides
Scirpus Scleranthus Scleria Sclerocactus Sclerocarpus Sclerochloa Sclerolepis
Sclerolinon Scleropogon Scoliopus Scolochloa Scolosanthus Scolymus Scoparia
Scopolia Scopulophila Scorpiurus Scorzonera Scorzoneroides Scribneria Scrophularia
Scutellaria Scybalium Searsia Sebastiania Secale Sechium Securidaca
Securigera Sedella Sedum Selaginella Selenia Selenicereus Selinum
Sempervivum Senecio Senegalia Senna Sequoia Sequoiadendron Serenoa
Sericocarpus Serissa Serjania Serpocaulon Sesamum Sesbania Seseli
Sesuvium Setaria Setariopsis Severinia Seymeria Shepherdia Shinnersia
Shinnersoseris Shortia Shoshonea Sibara Sibaropsis Sibbaldia Sicana
Sicyos Sicyosperma Sida Sidalcea Sidastrum Sideritis Sideroxylon
Sidotheca Sigesbeckia Silene Silphium Silybum Simarouba Simmondsia
Simsia Sinapis Sinosenecio Siphoneugena Siphonoglossa Sisymbrium Sisyrinchium
Sium Sloanea Smallanthus Smelowskia Smilax Smyrnium Solandra
Solanum Soldanella Soleirolia Solenostemon Solidago Soliva Sonchus
Sophora Sophronanthe Sorbaria X Sorbaronia Sorbus Sorghastrum Sorghum
Sorindeia Sotoa Sparaxis Sparganium Spartina Spartium Spathiphyllum
Spathodea Spathoglottis Specklinia Spergula Spergularia Spermacoce Spermolepis
Sphaeralcea Sphaerophysa Sphaeropteris Sphagneticola Sphenoclea Sphenopholis Sphenosciadium
Sphinctospermum Spigelia Spilanthes Spinacia Spinulum Spiracantha Spiraea
Spiranthes Spirodela Spondias Sporobolus Stachydeoma Stachys Stachytarpheta
Stahlia Stanleya Stapelia Staphylea Stebbinsoseris Stegnogramma Stegnosperma
Steinchisma Stelis Stellaria Stemmadenia Stemodia Stenandrium Stenanthium
Stenaria Stenocereus Stenochlaena Stenogonum Stenogrammitis Stenogyne Stenorrhynchos
Stenotaphrum Stenotus Stephania Stephanomeria Sterculia Sternbergia Stevia
Stewartia Sticherus Stictocardia Stigmaphyllon Stillingia Stipa Stipulicida
Stokesia Streblus Streptanthella Streptanthus Streptopus Streptosolen Striga
Strigosella Stromanthe Strongylodon Strophostyles Struchium Strumpfia Strychnos
Stuartina Stuckenia Stutzia Stylisma Stylocline Stylogyne Stylophorum
Stylosanthes Styphnolobium Styrax Suaeda Subularia Succisa Succisella
Suckleya Suksdorfia Sullivantia Suriana Swallenia Swertia Swietenia
Syagrus Symphoricarpos Symphyotrichum Symphysia Symphytum Symplocarpus Symplocos
Synandra Syncarpia Synedrella Syngonanthus Syngonium Synthlipsis Synthyris
Syntrichopappus Syringa Syringodium Systenotheca Syzygium    




Tabebuia Tabernaemontana Tacca Taeniatherum Taenidia Tagetes Talinopsis
Talinum Talipariti Tamarindus Tamarix Tamaulipa Tamonea Tanacetum
Taraxacum Taraxia Tarenaya Tarlmounia Tauschia Taxodium Taxus
Tecoma Tecomaria Tectaria Tectona Teesdalia Telesonix Teliostachya
Tellima Telosiphonia Tephroseris Tephrosia Teramnus Terminalia Ternstroemia
Terpsichore Tetraclea Tetracoccus Tetradium Tetradymia Tetragastris Tetragonia
Tetragonotheca Tetramerium Tetramicra Tetramolopium Tetraneuris Tetrapanax Tetraplasandra
Tetrapteron Tetrapterys Tetrastigma Tetrazygia Teucrium Thalassia Thalia
Thalictrum Thamnosma Thaspium Thelesperma Thelocactus Thelypodiopsis Thelypodium
Thelypteris Themeda Theobroma Thermopsis Therorhodion Thesium Thespesia
Thevetia Thinopyrum Thladiantha Thlaspi Thouinia Thrinax Thuarea
Thuja Thunbergia Thurovia Thymelaea Thymophylla Thymus Thyrsanthella
Thysanocarpus Thysanolaena Tiarella Tibouchina Tidestromia Tiedemannia Tilia
Tilingia Tillandsia Tinantia Tipularia Tiquilia Tithonia Tofieldia
Toiyabea Tolmiea Tolpis Tolumnia Tonella Tonestus Toona
Tordylium Torenia Torilis Torralbasia Torreya Torreyochloa Touchardia
Tournefortia Townsendia Toxicodendron Toxicoscordion Trachelospermum Trachypogon Trachyspermum
Tracyina Tradescantia Tragia Tragopogon Tragus Trapa Trautvetteria
Trema Trematolobelia Trembleya Trepocarpus Triadica Triantha Trianthema
Tribolium Tribulus Tricardia Trichilia Trichocentrum Trichocoronis Trichomanes
Trichoneura Trichophorum Trichoptilium Trichosalpinx Trichosanthes Trichospermum Trichostema
Trichostigma Tricyrtis Tridax Tridens Trifolium Triglochin Trigonella
Trigonotis Trillium Trimezia Triodanis Triosteum Triphasia Triphora
Triphysaria Triplaris Triplasis Tripleurospermum Triplophyllum Tripogandra Tripogon
Tripolium Tripsacum Tripterocalyx Triraphis Trisetum Tristagma Triteleia
Triteleiopsis Triticum Triumfetta Trixis Trollius Tropaeolum Trophis
Tropidia Tropidocarpum Tsuga Tuberaria Tuctoria Tulbaghia Tulipa
Tumamoca Turbina Turgenia Turnera Turpinia Turritis Tussilago
Tynanthus Typha          




Ulex Ulmus Umbellularia Uncinia Ungnadia Uniola Urena
Urera Urochloa Uropappus Urospermum Urtica Urvillea Utricularia




Vaccaria Vaccinium Vachellia Vahlodea Valeriana Valerianella Vallesia
Vallisneria Vancouveria Vanda Vandenboschia Vangueria Vanilla Varilla
Vaseyochloa Vauquelinia Velezia Venegasia Ventenata Veratrum Verbascum
Verbena Verbesina Vernicia Vernonia Veronica Veronicastrum Vesper
Viburnum Vicia Vigna Viguiera Villadia Vinca Viola
Viscum Vitex Vitis Vittadinia Vittaria Volutaria Voyria
Vriesea Vulpia          




Wahlenbergia Wallenia Waltheria Warea Warnockia Washingtonia Watsonia
Wedelia Weigela Weinmannia Werauhia Whipplea Wigandia Wikstroemia
Wilhelmsia Wilkesia Willkommia Wislizenia Wissadula Wisteria Wolffia
Wolffiella Woodsia Woodwardia Wullschlaegelia Wyethia    




Xanthisma Xanthium Xanthocephalum Xanthoceras Xanthorhiza Xanthosoma Xenostegia
Xerochrysum Xerophyllum Ximenia Xiphidium Xylococcus Xylorhiza Xylosma




Yabea Yeatesia Yermo Yosemitea Youngia Yucca  




Zaluzania Zamia Zannichellia Zantedeschia Zanthoxylum Zapoteca Zea
Zelkova Zeltnera Zenobia Zephyranthes Zeuxine Zigadenus Zingiber
Zinnia Zizania Zizaniopsis Zizia Ziziphus Zornia Zostera
Zoysia Zuloagaea Zygophlebia Zygophyllum      


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