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STEP 5: To view the plants recorded for your BUBBLE LOCATION, enter the EXACT BUBBLE LOCATION name that you selected in STEP 2, then press Enter (or type the first few letters of your BUBBLE LOCATION name and select your BUBBLE LOCATION name from the drop-down list). Congratulations, your database is complete. Your plants now appear on the TDC screen, along with their photographs, biological attributes, and an automatically created, interactive family key for all plants at your BUBBLE LOCATION.

STEP 6 and 7: To add notes to your BUBBLE LOCATION, and to make your BUBBLE LOCATION both permanent and secure (so that only you can modify it), return to the CGD , and enter the EXACT name of your saved BUBBLE LOCATION (in the search box at the top left of CGD). Once your specific bubble appears on the Google map, click it to enter Bubble Notes (select “Bubble Note” button), to edit the contents of your BUBBLE LOCATION (select “Edit button), and to secure your BUBBLE LOCATION (select “Secure” button).

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